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    Default Reseting Detector

    Hi guys,

    New here. But I just purchased a Whistler Xtr - 690 Detector in New Zealand.

    Its a good detector however it is hardwired and about every 30th start of the engine it will perform a factory reset.

    Ive been told by the dealer that it is a power issue, so Ive moved the power source from the radio to the dome light.

    The hardwire cable is not genuine but Ive tried two different ones.

    You can set all your settings again. And it will do it after aprox 30 starts.

    WHistler also emailed me and said that they cannot explain the problem, and that it will not be covered by warrenty.

    Any suggestions?

    I am a little but suspect about the voltage measurments I took. 14Volts car not running, 17 volts running. Seem a bit high to me. There is also no measurable spike when starting.

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    Default I thought

    I thought there was a filter you could buy that would keep the power output to a certain range? Also, to reset your Whistler, unplug the unit while it is still turned on. Hold all the round buttons down on the top of the unit, and plug in the plug at the same time. This should reset the unit.



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