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    Default Moving periscope LED's and Wiring speakers on 690

    I was wondering if i could take out and move the Periscope LED on the top of my 690 somewhere else, because i h ave a high mount and i cannot see them and i would like to move them because i play my music too l loud sometimes 8)

    I was just thinking of taking the LED's out and just soldering a wire to the + and the - of where ever they are connecting and running the wire maybe near my gauges.

    You guys think that is possible. And will it most likely void any warranty i would have?

    I also was thinking about maybe wiring the internal speaker to both of my front door panel speakers. Because i have a After market deck in my car i was just thinking about strapping the wires straight into the front wires. Would that work? or would it interferer with the sound?

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    LEDs move sound entirley feasible, but you will probably need a wire for each LED..

    Dont wire the speaker into the door speakers, the drive from the stereo will be driving into the RD unit as well as the speakers which could damage the unit, also could kill your stereo drivers
    If you open the RD unit and look at the speaker, it might have an impedence written on it (16ohms, or 16Ω).
    You could in theory cut the wires to the speaker and reconnect them to a speaker of similar size and of the same impedance concealled nearer your head!



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