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    Default XTR-690/Pro-78 Users in NJ (or other X-band states)

    Anyone in NJ own an XTR-690 or Pro-78?

    I want to hear some real-world, unbiased feedback on the X-band performance of these units. Can they be relied on to give a more than adequate advanced warning?

    I have a 1793SE and the X-band detection is great (my greatest threat). K-band is sufficient and Ka-band can become very dicey if the LEOs antenna is angled slightly or the threat isn't pretty much head on. Fortunately, X-band outnumbers K- and Ka- band threats about 3:1... so I want to know about X-band performance.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Well here's the deal. I own the XTR-690 and the 1793SE and X-band is noticeably less sensitive on the XTR-690. However, the 1793SE was extremely good at X-band and the XTR-690 is still good to provide significant advance warning to at least drones/speedsigns in my area. I haven't encountered cops running X band for years so I couldn't comment on that.

    Then again, I come from an area with K/Ka band are significant threats, and I'd pick the XTR-690 over the 1793SE any day due to its vastly improved Ka and its resilience to falsing on K/Ka unlike the previous generation which falses to a desensitizing degree.

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    If X band is your greatest threat stay with what you got. If Ka and K band is your greatest threat upgrade (especially Ka)
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