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    Default Pro 78 loves chicks with Cobras

    Lately when i have been gettin Ka Falses 80% of the drivers are girls with Cobras in thier mustangs and suv's. I don't even think about looking twice LOL. Seems like all the rich people love em. if you have a Mercedes why not throw in a cobra from Wal-mart. Geez I'm going to make me a Anti Cobra sticker for my car. If you have a Cobra please speed ahead LOL.
    I think its time to send my unit in for Rev C anyone notice a change?

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    I'd be interested to know -- I've shown in my garage that POP ON causes long-range Ka falses due to Cobras, and POP OFF still can cause car-length Ka band falses.

    I'd be interested to know if the Rev C fixes it, but I've got my cash locked for another investment ;-)



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