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    Default Pro 78 MAP Pricing

    Was getting ready to buy a Pro78 for a Xmas gift, I already own one so I like the unit and am familiar with it. I noticed that Whistler is forcing dealers to raise their prices or be listed as an unauthorized dealer. This is just bad business. I paid $159.95 and now I am being told that prices are going up to $179.95 because Whister is forcing dealers to raise their prices or they will be labeled as an unauthorized dealer.

    What has this done for Escort / Beltronics... All this will do is hurt the dealers and force buyers to buy from sources like ebay etc. Beltronics RX65's are going for $329.95 on authorized dealer sites and $219.95 on ebay... A whopping $110 difference..

    Now Whistler is doing the same... I have seen the Pro78's as low as $129 or less from some sites and now I should pay $179.95... This is stupid in my option.

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    Policies like these have been in place for years with many companies prior to the internet.

    The internet has made may things easier by allowing individuals to price shop more easily but at what expense. Anyone can sell anything under any roof and many do not care how they get their products.

    Does anyone here recall Crazy Eddies in New York? He was a crook selling used and repaired TV's, VCR's, and other items as NEW!

    Many cars that were water damaged during Hurricane Katrina were funneled thru other states and sold as new or used with no mention of the issue as it was given a clean title by the filtered state because the seller LIED.

    I understand that everyone want to price shop and find a bargain, but too many times I have received a unit purchased at a very low price that was either used, not working, missing accessories, stolen, or tampered with.

    Entering into an agreement is a way of holding the seller responsible.

    It is good business and protects you the consumer.



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