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    Default Protecting the Consumer?

    since when is it a companies responsibilty to protect the consumer? I mean no disrespect to you Mike B. but i dont need you or any other company protecting me. what i need is a product that does what it says it does and allows the market to determine what a fair price is. what you and others are doing is price fixing. use any excuse you like for doing it but it still boils down to price fixing. i know what map is probably more so than most since i in fact manufacture products sold by others. if a consumer buys something for nothing they should have enough common sense to figure out that something is probably wrong. if somebody buys a product out of someones else's trunk he should know what he is getting.

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    Can we please stop with this? I think both sides of this argument have been clearly explained to redundancy now, and we just need to read through the aftermath after a few days of cooling down and consider the points again. This is pretty unproductive.

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    Price fixing is right and many companies do this and would love to be able to do this. VR is a classic example they can do this since they ONLY sell direct. Too bad. I am for the market. Let the market determine the price
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    Totally agree.... Instead of buying it at $179.95 I went to ebay and bought it from an ebay seller for $127 shipped. Even asked the seller to check the version in the menu before shipping and they are sending Ver C. Price fixing sucks...



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