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    Default Whistler XTR 690 installation

    Sorry everyone. I am a total newb here and if I am posting in the wrong thread would you please move it to the appropriate section.
    How can I run the cord to the A/C plug under the car heading? I have never done this before so I dont want to damage my car heading.
    do I need a special kit or something?
    I wish there a section for installation in this forum preferably with pictures
    Thanks for your input.

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    First buy a hardwire kit from Whistler and then
    Find one of these at a local auto store and just run power from your fuse box.

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    Thanks a lot. Thats what I needed.

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    I need help please :cry:

    I followed this installation guide from letter by letter but I cant get the radar detector to work

    "Attach the "U" ground connector to chassis ground of the vehicle. This will be a metal area that makes contact with the metal of the vehicle.
    To make the detector go on/off with the key, attach the positive wire in one of the following methods:
    Locate an optional plug-in connector in the fuse box. Generally this connector is marked with "IGN" or "ACC". Simply plug the spade connector into this jack. If no plug-ins are available on fuse box, go to option 2.
    Select a circuit in the fuse box that has power to it only when the key is on (i.e., radio fuse). Remove the fuse selected. Cut the spade connector off the positive wire and strip back the wire about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Wrap the wire around one of the fuse's metal tabs and replace back in fuse box."

    Thank you for your help

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    First of all you need the hard wire, which the xtr 690 doesn't come with (only the pro 78). This is simply a long black wire with a plug thats goes into your rd on one end and on the other end, a fuse and 2 metal prongs: one shaped in a U shape, and the other looks like a square.

    The U connector you just blot on to a metal part of your car (chassis). The square prong you just tap it into a live 12v wire. The easiest place is your cig lighter. I took off my dash panel and got to the cig lighter from behind and shoved the square prong into the back of the cig lighter. I shoved it into the cig ligher that turns on only when my car turns on so my RD turns on when my car turns on.

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    Thanks. I got it working. Apparently, I did not connect the ground to true metal. I thought I did. All is peachy now.



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