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    Default Great saves today ! (Pro 78 Rev c)

    There was a Local small town Leo shooting Ka Instant on just over an overpass. I got my first brief warning over 2 over passes and a mile away. 30 min later a Texas trooper Stalker 34.7 had made a traffic stop behind a semi truck and i got an alert 2 miles before. I got gas and got back on I-27 heading back to Lubbock and got Instant on from another trooper just as i passed an over pass. i was doing 80 in a 70 and bolted on my brakes. I was thinking i beat him to the punch he never gave chase which is very rare. Also got a 2.5 mile alert on a Sheriff with Constant K band. Maybe the trooper was lazy i dunno. Most of the time before a trooper Instant on's me point blank i always get 1Ka alert then full to 9 strength. Some of there units must leak. I have been very lucky with Instant on saves at point blank.

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    Sounds like some good range.

    I just got back from northern Michigan (skiing) and I'll just post my saves here instead of making a new thread.

    On the way there I got a K band hit from a LEO hiding on one of those emergency vehicle roads in between north and south bound. I was actually not very impressed with the distance. He was hiding behind a snow pile which could have decreased distance. I was alerted just a couple seconds before in his sight. If I was going over 80 I'd be dead.

    Exact situation coming back except Ka band. Once again only a couple seconds since he was hiding well. Only going 10 over so I had time to slow down, but if I was going any faster, I wouldn't have time.

    Another encounter with K on the way there was when a LEO was driving the opposite direction. Probably got at least a mile on this.

    Had a couple more encounters but no alerts. One state trooper was sitting on the side of the road on the way back. Dunno was he was doing....
    And on the way there, I saw a LEO cruiser behind me so I slowed down. He just blew by me 80+, his shift must have been over....



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