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    Default My trip from Texas to Colorado this weekend (Pro 78 Rev C)

    I had to meet my buddy in Durango Colorado this weekend for some snow boarding. Well i was running my pro 78 and i had 13 saves this weekend. Mostly K band in New Mexico and Ka in Tx and Colorado. I even had a x band save from a leo on Highway 550 in New Mexico running C/O in the median that was a 3 mile alert. Today on the way back on I-40 east bound i got a 4 mile alert on K-band C/O it was an unmarked charger. Ka 34.7 in texas averaged 2 mile instant on alerts. My worst case was only a 3 second reaction time coming up over a hill with a sheriff running K C/O in New Mexico. Watch out for x band in New mexico the small towns run them. I recieved about 7 false laser alerts from all the laser guided cruise control in cars . Best distance on Ka this weekend was Texas DPS 34.7- 3.2 miles on instant on over a hill.

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    Yeah thats a good example of why to never turn the X band off. I know in Oklahoma they still have some officers running X band although rare you never know.




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