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    Default Where to buy XTR-690

    Hello. I want to buy a XTR-690. Since I live in Ontario I can't buy it locally. I just found out that I have to leave for a business trip to Chicago tonight. I will be driving all the way there from Toronto. What would be the best place to stop by to get a XTR-690? Thanks.
    One more thing. Can I tell if the device is REV C by looking at the box?

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    if you do some quick research around the forum you will find answers to both questions... your best bet to get the 690 for cheaper is online. and no you cannot tell by the both... you hold the city button while plugging in the power cord

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    Since these are the boards tied with radarbusters, and radarbusters money pays for the resources, it is against board policy to link to other retailers (i.e. competitors). However, many aggregators for pricing exist and you can quickly find the types of prices you want.

    However, bear in mind that Whistler is only GUARANTEED to hold up their end of the warranty if you buy from an authorized dealer. Basically any dealer that doesn't have a price similar to RadarBusters is probably unauthorized. Right now I haven't heard of a case where Whistler has denied warranty to someone who bought from an unauthorized dealer, but be aware that it can happen due to them supplying you faulty/bogus products or not being able to determine purchase date accurately.

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    While I found many places to buy them online, I am worried about shipping it to Canada since they are illegal here.
    Also I want to buy it from a retail store so I can check the REV version on the spot and return it if the REV is outdated. I dont want to send it to the US for an update for the above reason.




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