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    Default XTR-560

    Found some, brand new at my local SAMS club for $88.00
    My 8500 x50 has been sent in for service.
    Is this a good buy for the xtr560 ?

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    Ka band performance will be a noticeable step down from the x50. You need the XTR-690 to get comparable type performance.

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    heres an amazon review, although nearly all whistler reviews seem to be the same

    By ahmadr (Houston, TX) - See all my reviews
    While this does not have the radar range of the top-3 detectors, (unlike Cobras) it has been adequate. Laser detection is top notch though.
    I didn't expect voice being a nice feature, but it enables you to know the radar band quickly and without looking at the detector. I would definitely recommend this feature to everyone.
    False alerts are normal for it's price range (read close to no filtering). Radar detectors are not very useful (quiet) in cities
    Interestingly enough, the microwave front end of the XTR-560, XTR-425, XTR-325, Pro-73, and Pro-58 are the same, and their algorithms similar. Thus, they have the same performance, but different features / display / warranty.
    Finally, as far as I've heard, their customer support is excellent.

    if you just want a cheap detector that works well tilll you get your x50 back i reccomend the xtr140. its $40 and has accurate k/ka detection. i usually have half mile detection in the city for radar during heavy traffic. only con is it doesnt save settings after you turn it off




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