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    Default XTR-690 combined sweep issue

    I have an XTR-690 rev C. I understand that the X and K bands are swept together, then it looks for a high or low, then decides which band to alert to. My problem is this: On the highway, I pass a K-band construction sign, then after that there are three X-band falses (door openers) in the next 1.5 miles. The 690 hangs on to K-band and alerts K-band at those locations (even though they are X). Kinda annoying. As one member suggested, I turned off X-band but it didn't help at all. So to verify that there is X-band at these locations I temporarily turned off K and the 690 alerts to them as X. The next day I used my X50 to again verify that they are X band. The reason behind this design is to eliminate "rapid switching" between X and K. I don't get it. I have not had a detector do that since I owned a Road Patrol XK. Does anyone else have this concern? Will the XTR-695 use this same technology? Is there anything that can be done? Don't get me wrong, I think this detector is cool and is superior in alerting to Ka, I just don't care for the X and K combined sweep method.

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    There is a false i get on my route to work every morning that emits a x band signal from a storage building facility1-3 strength. Sometimes it goes off on K band 2. But i just live with the x and k sweep cause Ka has saved my a$$ so many times. Like lastnight i got a 2.7 mile save from Ka 34.7 Texas DPS shooting instant on at traffic at 2 am lastnight. He was trigger happy lastnight cause he's a rookie i have been seeing him training this highway.

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    Yeah if there's one gripe about these Whistlers it's the misidentification and locking of X vs K... I think the XTR-695 likely will use the same algorithm

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    i have noticed my whistler can pick up reflected x band signals as k band, but as i get close to the front door openers it goes back to X. i have however run into a west texas cop running x band radar and it performed flawlessly so i really dont give falses much thought

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    Not sure if the sweep is the same in the Pro 73 (thinking so since it seems to be standard across all models) but yes mine does sometimes lock falses as X instead of K BUT I have yet to ever have the RD misidentify a true police radar signal as something it wasn't.



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