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    Default Anyone using an Intellicord?

    Just wondering if any of you use one, and if there is a hardwire cord with one?

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    Yeah, Whistler offers a cigarette lighter intellicord and a hardwire one.

    I've never used one though, I'd rather see what other people have to say about it before I buy one.

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    I use one, ordered one shortly after I got my Pro 78.
    I find it useful in muting false K band alerts while other people are in the car. I don't mind the alerts myself, it's music to my ears but others sometimes find it distracting. I have the button set to mute the alert if you press it once, and to turn the detector off/on if you hold it in. Since I have my detector mounted up highest possible on the windscreen, it's easier to hit the button on the intellicord than to fumble around blindly hitting buttons on the top of the detector trying to mute an alert.

    Of course, the detector is pretty immune to falses already so the button doesn't get THAT much use :-D



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