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Thread: whistler 1650?

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    Default whistler 1650?

    My brother in law just gave me a whistler 1650 for a spare. I already have a x50 but I am wondering if the 1650 is reliable enough to give to my dad or mom.

    What do you guys think?

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    I still have my 1650. It was the only Whistler i did not like. It falsed alot on Ka band. I got 4 tickets with it from 35.5 and a laser ticket. My pro 78 has saved me 30-40 times from radar attacks and ticket free for over 3 years ! The 1650 does well with K band and X band but Ka is really a challenge for it. If ka is your primary threat upgrade for a new one. But if K band is mostly used then it should be fine.



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