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    Default 1773 vs. pro 58, etc. lookin for advice

    so my bel 925 got stolen, along with some other stuff, then i bought a broken "?LO3 CAL" bel 890. so im thinking of these. as the 1773/1783/1793/pro58/pro73 are essentally all the same from what ive read here. so how do you guys like them, and is there a better option oout there in the under 100 bucks range?

    the pro 58 seems to be my ideal target. but before i jump in, i want to make sure im not better off with something else.

    the 890 is kinda working, at least i got my money back, ebay, the guy was VERY nice, he got an X50, thats why he sold it, lucky.

    so am i on the right track, im poor, so its this or tickets.

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    I own both a 1773 and a PRO 58 and the 1773 does not detect as well as the PRO58 series in the KA band.
    As far as K and X they seem to be the same.
    It does seem that my PRO58 seems to false more than the 1773 especially on K band.

    The 1773 does have voice alert as an option where the PRO58 does not, but I have discovered that if you the voice alerts on the 1773 and you have the volume up loud it will eventually blow the speaker.
    I had to replace the speaker in the 1773 because of this.

    Also the PRO series comes with a 2 year warranty where as the other models only have a 1 year warranty.

    For the money the PRO 58 is hard to beat.

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    The Pro 58 is performing really well for the $ And its nearly the same as the Pro 73, the main difference is the display. When you compare these units the the most expensive ones youll see that they perform really well :wink:



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