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    Default Over half mile KA save

    Unfortunately, I don't have a cool video to post like Jag usually does, but today I had my first "long distance" constant on save in a while (local cops prefer I/O).

    I was on a little highway, not a lot of traffic, and was getting up closer to the city where the speed limit goes from 55 down to 45. The road has some curves in it, so this wasn't straight-on radar action. I first get a KA alert at strength 2 (looked down at the trip meter, it was at 5.7 miles), and it ramped up nicely to 9, but I was scanning the side of the road and oncoming traffic but I couldn't find a LEO. Up closer to an intersection, I see a sheriff in an Expedition going up the curb to the grass median dividing the two directions of traffic. At first it looked like his truck was facing my direction, but by the time I started watching him he was turning around in the median to face the other direction (the direction I was going). Looked back down at the trip meter, 6.3 miles). The light was red at the intersection, so I looked at the set up. The sheriff was parked in the median running C/O radar, and there was another LEO standing in the intersection. Right after the intersection there is a church (vacant at the time), and another LEO standing in the parking lot. From what I figured, the guy in the Expedition was clocking traffic, then when he found a speeder radioed ahead to the guy in the intersection, who then directed the car(s) off into the parking lot where that LEO wrote the tickets.
    It's an easy road to get some speed on, and this was Friday afternoon around 4:30, so approaching rush hour. Bet they made a pretty good amount of dough out of that trap!

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    Nice save ! I'm working on some more videos LOL ...



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