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    I had a K band encounter today in a familiar area. However although did get him over a mile away never did get past a 2 on the strength meter on the Pro 78. The officer has a window mounted gun, I got a glimpse as we was meeting each other head on. Just wondering why it never got no further ramp up on the strength meter? First radar counter in over a month not alot of traffic enforcement going on with the high gas prices in Oklahoma.

    Any ideas?

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    The old Kustom KR-10 or KR-11 (can't remember which) had a separate low power K band transmitter which was installed underneath the patrol car to measure the patrol car's speed. It is possible that you were detecting this separate transmitter and that the main radar gun was not turned on. Yet this is extremely unlikely since these are really old radar guns.

    The only other possibility which I can think of is that the K band gun was deliberately tuned to near the edge of the K band spectrum and then calibrated to operate at this new frequency. The effect on many RDs would be greatly reduced range and the signal strength would never climb very high at all. Maybe The Professor can either confirm my thinking or perhaps shed some additional light on your encounter.



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