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    Default What else would cause a laser signal?

    Twice my Pro 78 has gone off with a laser alert on the highway.

    Here in Illinois, the State Police stand on the side of the tollway dressed as construction workers and use LIDAR. They then radio ahead and a patrol car pulls over the vehicle clocked speeding on LIDAR.

    After I got hit with laser, I braked and really looked around. I could not find a patrol car anywhere. I checked the ramps and everywhere.

    I was going through a construction area with workers all around.

    But I am wondering if anything else can set off the laser warning on the Pro 78 besides genuine LIDAR?

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    Most common alerts in my area would be the laser adaptive cruise control systems found on many Toyotas and Lexus vehicles-

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    In a construction zone they could be using lidar-based surveying equipment. Basically they're the same as police lidar guns but measure distance only, not speed.

    Most/all of the companies that make police lidar guns also make lidars for surveying. Laser Atlanta has the Advantage unit for example.
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    A few times when I used to drive with my RX-65, it would scream laser while driving near airports and military bases.

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    Airports for sure. Confirmed around CLE, maybe because you can get REALLY close to the strip.

    Let's see, the V1 picks up red neon, Chevy Trailblazers, and even a setting sun as LIDAR. Could have even been a TV remote...



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