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    Default ok what does the s1 and s2 mean

    and what filters is it best to use at,

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    S1 and S2 are the two functions that your intellicord would perform when a button is pressed on it. So basically if you have a intellicord and you press the button on it, it will do whatever you have as S1.

    As for the filter mode. Use regular "FILTER". If you are noticing a lot of Ka false alerts from other radar detectors (cobras) move on to FILTER 1. Still experience Ka false? FILTER 2.
    So stay on FILTER unless you are getting unbearable Ka False alerts. With POP off (which it should be with Rev C) you can still detect POP signals under FILTER mode, there is just a smaller chance. FILTER 1 and 2 kills all chances.
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