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    Default Great X-Band Performance - Pro-78

    I have been vocal about needing better X-band performance from the Pro-78, well this morning the 78 had me eating my least for this encounter.

    Received a 1.2 mile alert/save (.6 miles from first alert to us passing each other) from NCSHP running in the opposite lane with his X-band running constant. It was a 4-lane divided highway (with rolling hills) and a PSL of 55mph. I was running between 65 and 70 with the flow of traffic so I had plenty of time to scrub off the extra mph's and drive by him well within the limit.

    So do I really need to get 1.5-3.0 mile alerts on x-band...I guess not.

    I guess my point is, when it really counts the PRO-78 performs and does what it needs to do!

    Now if I can somehow convince NCSHP to ditch all the Golden Eagles running Ka35.5 and go with the tried and true K55 X-band guns!!!!

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    gotta love that X band. I turn mine back on when I head back to NC just for that reason.

    Most locals here are using K band still although the next Parish where I drive a lot through seems to have some Ka 35.5 I do believe as with my old Pro 73 sometimes you couldn't pick them up till they were real close but oddly enough ever since I've gotten my Pro 78 I haven't run into a single one running Ka band yet to test it out go figure.

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    yep i had great x band detection on my long trip recently, about a mile to a deputy shotting x band behind a bank



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