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Thread: GOL Results

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    Default GOL Results

    So as many of you know the GOL results came out. For those of you living under a rock: Radar Detector Tests and Reviews by Guys of LIDAR (jk they just came out) Radar test is at the bottom of the page.

    They did a small test with radar which included the pro 78 with rev C.
    So I first saw the Ka results. I look at the numbers and see that the pro 78 performs a good amount lower than the others. At first I am a bit disappointed, but then I think... First of all the numbers we are seeing are surrounded by the big dogs. Right above it we have a $1600 RD and below it a $400 (and thats street price). So the first thing I thought to myself is that I can't compare the 78 to such expensive RDs, the 78 is suppose to be weaker. But that still doesn't make me feel much better. So, I lunched up Google earth and got out the ruler tool. I measure up 500ish feet at certain points along my daily commute. And then I finally realized, these are great results. Try it yourself.

    The K results are a different story and I guess this is just one situation that you would get a crappy alert and you would probably see the LEO before an alert. But remember this is forward facing, so even in this case you are most likely still ok.

    Anybody else have any comments?
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    Default Re: GOL Results

    You know I deal with engine oil analysis quite alot and sometimes depending on the lab/collection methodology etc. lets just say "outside influences' the used oil analysis come back all over the takes so much testing for a semi accurate sampling of the oils true performance.....I think the radar detector 'testing" is going to fall into the same need a heck of a lot more than 3 passes in one fixed location to have a proper data sample....Today going into San Antonio I had 2 Ka "hits"....both real....both from well over 3/4-1 mile away.....with a Whistler Pro 78 Rev C.....

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    Default Re: GOL Results

    heck i had 1mile + on forward facing ka, lets wait for the complete radar results.

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    Default Re: GOL Results

    Let's not forget one big important fact here (bolded):

    "Some of us wanted to see how our personal detectors would stack up against each other. So, we set up the radar guns in a forward-facing configuration, aiming them away from the direction of travel, and also pointed them up to reduce the signal strength."

    So if I read this correctly the radar source was pointed AWAY from the direction the car was going (for example a LEO with only a radar antenna in the front of his car facing the same direction as you) and pointed up at the sky. So in these situations, the results on Ka is pretty awesome, and if you noticed the top dogs struggled with K band also in this situation.

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    Default Re: GOL Results

    This test was different than our official radar test which we pay attention to the finest detail. For this "test" it was more for fun than anything else. In fact on some run the laser test vehicle was on the course. The only positive on this "test" was that we got repeatable results.
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    You want to know what it is like doing something for the love and passion and not for the mighty dollar then look up GOL!

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    I did some quick number crunching of the results in a spreadsheet. The following sensitivity numbers can easily be off by 3dBm since GOL's forward-facing test setup is far less ideal than their straight-line sensitivity tests which have the foam attenuated radar guns pointed towards the radar detectors.

    K, Ka 34.7
    Escort 9500ci -124.4, -118.2
    Valentine V1 -121.4 , -114.5
    Whistler Pro78 --------, -105

    I also think that Happya$$'s Pro78 may be a bit out of whack. It should have had -107 or -108 for Ka 34.7 radar.
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    I am not surprised at all by these results -- I believe all detectors performed as expected with exception to the STi, which I honestly expected better out of!

    The situation presented was an EXTREMELY difficult situation for any detector. It again shows V1 as the king of window-mount units, the Pro-78 amazing bang for the buck (I bet if a Cobra were in there for comparisons it would be a no-alert across the board), and the new 9500ci/STI-r as the new gold standard in detection for those who are willing to forego the flexibility of a window mount for the best range possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdong View Post
    I am not surprised at all by these results -- I believe all detectors performed as expected with exception to the STi, which I honestly expected better out of!
    Jerry540i's STi which they tested was found to be dead on certain bands. They forgot to note this on the radar test chart.

    See this thread for that info. Sti is dead

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    Default Re: GOL Results

    Even though I trust the results from this GOL test, I personally have had really good reception with my personal Pro-78 Rev. C(Mine was shipped Rev. C). C/O K and Ka with radar facing my car and I've had 1 to 1.3 mile range results on both bands in extremely humid coastal SC hot weather. I have noticed that off-axis reception on K band i.e door sensors is not very good which at least helps with falsing!. One note, I only use my Pro-78 in the City and have not tried out highway tests. Much fewer falses than my V1. I have discovered that I seem to get better sensitivity running City 1(since it only lowers X-band sensitivity and leaves all other bands at highway sensitivity) leaves more time for the Pro-78 to only concentrate on the other bands. What do you all think?

    Two days ago there was a city speed sign(K-band) facing away from me-I was driving towards the back of the speed sign like in the GOL test(without on-coming traffic to create reflections-late at night) and I picked up the K-band signal(signal strength meter reading around 3-4) at about .4 mile before I reached the sign! Maybe the Pro-78 used in the GOL test needs a check-up?

    I have a brand new 9500i(might upgrade to a 9500iX) and a V1 1.8 for highway use.

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    Default Re: GOL Results

    Obviously the results are specific only to those test conditions.

    I understand it was just for fun but there are those out there that read the results and do not understand.

    At no time would a radar gun be used in this way by a LEO tracking vehicles

    No one said the Pro78 is as sensitive as the other units tested.
    What was said is that the Whistler Pro78 performs well under real world conditions.

    The environment is a great equalizer as hills, curves, dust, moisture, and obstacles limit the distance as to how far even the most sensitive units would alert

    For instance, in the 34.7 test the V1 was able to pick up this particular scenario at 3 times the distance and the CI at 5 times the distance of the Pro78 but in a real world situation, these differences would NOT happen.

    In the SML test the Pro78 detected 34.7 at 9 miles away.
    Does anyone feel the V1 will detect 34.7 at 27 miles?
    Does anyone feel the CI will detect 34.7 at 45 miles?

    I appreciate what GOL was trying to do but in the future (or maybe the present) they can put the results into perspective for those that do not understand the results.
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