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    Question Question for Pro78 Owners???

    I'm interested to hear about how well the Pro78 performs with respect to laser detection? I know the V1 is often regarded as the leader, but how well does the Pro78 perform?

    I have just ordered the XTR-695 which I understand uses the same hardware platform, so I guess I can draw some parallels.

    You see i just found out our state (in Australia) has ordered a bunch of the Vitronic Poliscan laser speed cameras, which will make laser detection a little more important now...


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    Default Re: Question for Pro78 Owners???

    With laser you won't have very good results if any with a rd/laser detector.

    If laser is the main concern your better off with a laser jammer.

    other then that, the xtr-690/xtr-695/Pro-78 is the best bang for your buck radar detector available.
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    Default Re: Question for Pro78 Owners???

    I agree. Only the V1 has a really decent chance of sniffing out laser when laser is targeted at other cars at closer ranges. At longer ranges the laser cone gets big enough that any RD has a some chance of seeing laser if you are trailing a car which is being targeted. And of course if your car is targeted and your RD alerts to laser, then you may be getting a speeding ticket at the officer's discretion.

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    Default Re: Question for Pro78 Owners???

    Thanks guys... a little more info so you can better understand what I'm saying:

    The newest mobile speed enforcement unit to be scattered across the streets of Western Australia is the Vitronic PoliScan auto-laser. It is a scanning laser (bit like the ones at the supermarket bar code scanner I understand) which uses multiple beams. From this forum here is a bit more info I found:
    How this camera VITRONIC's PoliScanspeed works?

    So, the jury is out on the jamming, but the current school of thought is that it cannot be jammed

    HOWEVER... This unit does have the lasers constantly on and therefore spreads a huge amount of IR light around for detection. So I'm wondering if the XTR-695 is up to the task for laser detection, or should I cancel my order and get a V1?
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    Default Re: Question for Pro78 Owners???

    The 695 will be able to detect laser , don't get us wrong on that. However, the way laser works is that if you getting a legit alert chance are (95%) that you are the one being targeted. It takes the laser system almost no time to get a speed so you are basically caught.

    It is recommended to mount the RD low if you want good laser performance. This does, however, compromise some radar performance.

    Now I'm not exactly sure how this Poliscan works but that fact that it has multiple beams spread out across the road will help you in getting an early detection. It seems like this new system is sending out a lot of laser so the 695 should be able to detect it, but the question is, will it be early enough. The 695 has a new feature with laser that no other RD has. It can block out false laser alerts by recognizing the ppm.

    As for the V1. Yes it might be able to detect these a little earlier, but it is some $275 more... maybe more to get it outside the US. Usually people wanna upgrade to the V1 for its radar capabilities not laser.

    As for my laser experience. I have my 78 mounted high and got a few alerts (don't encounter laser much here). I don't know exactly what I am detecting but this has happen 3 times now (all in the same city too). I will be driving down a large road when I start to get a laser alert. I look around trying to find a toyota but nothing is there. The laser is still going and a few more seconds down the road a LEO would pass me going the opposite direction. The laser stops. I think they have some sort of device on their cars that emits a lot of laser because I have gotten quite significant alerts. I would be alerted before I even see them. No clue what it is, can't be a laser gun unless they are pro and can use one while driving....
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    Default Re: Question for Pro78 Owners???

    In early April of this year on I-5 in Portland Oregon, I encountered Ka band and laser shortly after. The Ka encounter started about 1.5 miles from the source and Laser about .5 miles from the source. The same LEO was using both. So far this is the only laser encounter I have had with the Pro78.




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