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    Post XTR-550

    Just wanted to know if anyone had any impressions on it, I just got it today as a birthday present. It's mainly for my trips from Seattle to Montana which I have to do every few weeks. Lately it seems the HWP are out in full force so I was bought this plus Viel. I drove around down today and got a lot of Ka signals at locations I expected a few K signals at other locations I expected, I got one X going through a dirty water town. I ran into a few VG-2 signals just testing it, (cops near the port of Seattle). Since I am fairly new to these, my last one only detected X back in the day... I drove around to Photo Radars, and just Radars I know about. It seems to detect them very accurately and did a great job of giving me a idea of the signal (0-9).

    Just in case your wondering where I got it as it's one of those special items that Costco does where nobody has um but them (that I can tell), but like I said Costco.

    If anyone care's to share their experience with the XTR-550

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    You will not need VG-2 based upon your statements so you can shut that off.

    Most XTR-550 owners run in Highway, Auto Quiet mode

    If you have a lot of X band door openers you can cut down the X band sensitivity by running it in City 1 and the auto quiet mode

    If you do not require POP, you can shut that off in the menu mode.

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    I use to have a xtr-550 and it was a pretty good RD. I had some good saves with it from all directions and situations. I upgraded to a pro 78 a few months later just because I became so interested in the RD scene. The 550 will serve you well especially on the open road. The 78 has proven to be better but that doesn't mean the 550 is bad. I don't know how much of a speeder you are, but the 550 can be trusted going moderately over.

    One thing I like better about the 550 than the 78 is the auto quite mode. After alerting the full volume tone for a few seconds, it would change to quite little clicks.
    The pro 78, with its auto quite mode, just simply gets softer after a few seconds, but it still using the full tone.
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