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    Default saved from the stalker Ka 34.7

    I took a small road trip today with my 78. i was heading back from New Mexico with my girlfriend who has a interest in detectors also

    Texas DPS

    First Ka alert of 1-2 strength for around 30 seconds. 5 seconds later a Ka alert of 5 then it was quiet. Instant on from a trooper i knew. We located the trooper 2.8 miles from the first Ka alert. He had a customer pulled over forward facing.

    Second Ka alert 7 miles from the last trooper i was recieving instant on blasts every 4 seconds of Ka 1-4. 3.1 miles was another trooper in a new charger running his stalker trigger happy. My cam was dead because we took so many pics of the caverns in N.M. so i got no footage Pro 78 saves the day ! My girlfriend wants a 695

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    Default Re: saved from the stalker Ka 34.7

    i had a 1.2 mile i/o ka save on 114 into lubbock from tx dps,and 1 mile pickup with the xtr140 on the loop from a dps trooper. my g/f has the radar addiction too



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