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    Default Thank you Michael B!!!

    Just wanted to let you all know how great it is to have Michael B here handling the Whistler Forum (as if you old timers didn't already know that). I sent him my 1788 that had quit working and I got it back today with a new capacitor installed and tuned to the latest specs at no charge.

    Thank you very much Michael! My wife now has the X140 I bought as a fill-in and I must say, for a simple little unit it worked very well and had decent sensitivity. It's perfect for her style of driving as long as she remembers to turn it off ... LOL.

    I ordered a Pro78 from Amazon and it should be here in a few days but I must confess I missed the old 1788 and I found the battery power capability came in handy sometimes. Once I get the Pro78 I'll give her the 1788 and keep the X140 in reserve.

    I was pleasantly surprised to get the package today though and this will go a long way to keeping me a loyal Whistler customer.

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    Default Re: Thank you Michael B!!!

    Whistler and Mike B. dominate every customer service out there. You will like the pro 78 it has great detection distances. I have owned mine nearly a year and has saved me over 50 times especially with Ka bands. mainly Stalker 34.7

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    Default Re: Thank you Michael B!!!

    Mike B. and team offer the best of the best when it comes to customer service. He is OUTSTANDING!
    RIP Duncan my BELOVED black lab son 8/7/99-3/23/11. I will miss you DEARLY.


    You want to know what it is like doing something for the love and passion and not for the mighty dollar then look up GOL!

    buyradardetectors rocks!

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    Default Re: Thank you Michael B!!!

    To all,

    I have add my me too to this post!!! Michael B. has been very responsive to any concerns with whistler products. He goes above and beyond to keep his customers satisfied. Hats off to Mike for excellent customer service.

    On another note, I was running errands and was running on a state highway in my area when I get a double KA band hit on the XTR695. On hit was certainly 34.7 and possible the second. The display indicated numerically 2 KA for both hits, I had not seen this before. I'm not sure if the Pro78 would have indicated the same think. I would ask Michael B to respond to this post.

    Micheal thanks for any information provided.


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    Default Re: Thank you Michael B!!!

    my g/f is hooked on the xtr140 i gave her too. whenever she drives its always on and it actually had a great k band save the other day. if you can get use to the strength meter flashing its has an amazing ramp up. it will blink once for a strength 2 signal, and flashes fast for a strength2.5 . thats what impressed me the most was the strength meter and the audible ramp up, the $50 cobra doesnt even do either of those things
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    Default Re: Thank you Michael B!!!

    Mike B is just a spendid person. I hope I get to meet him some day. Cadzilla74, you are going to love the Pro78 since it is one feature packed radar detector for its price -- especially if your driving consists of a lot of suburban driving.

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    Default Re: Thank you Michael B!!!

    Thanks for all the great comments. The Pro78 is working great and it suits my location and driving style quite well. I'm glad to see the site back up and running too.



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