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    Default Did some testing with older Whistler models.

    Well, I was on my way to Gulf Breeze, FL for a job interview and I figured that I'd take my Whistler DE 1732 and my Whistler XTR-105 and compare them. I decided to do in it Gulf Breeze because Gulf Breeze is one huge speed trap. There are police cruisers everywhere taking radar. How would these two older model detectors fare againist the Gulf Breeze police?

    Well, I didn't get off to a very smooth start. I powered up both detectors thinking that the only way they would affect one another is reduced detection. Far from it, I powered up the Whistler XTR-105 first. Once I powered up the 1732 I was greeted with, well, a lot of noise to say the least. The XTR-105 immediatly alerted to K/Ka band. Meanwhile the Whistler DE 1732 kept alerting to laser and VG-2. There was not a moment of peace until I unplugged the 1732. I wonder if my detectors do this to high end detectors that other people are using? I certainly hope not as I don't want to be compared to a Cobra user.

    Overall I was very pleased with the XTR-105's performance. I got a weak K/Ka band signal as I was crossing the 3 mile bridge. I was traveling at about 70 mph and slowed down to about 40. There wasn't a lot of traffic on the bridge today, it was just in my white Elantra followed by a white Toyota Celica following behind me. I slowed down and so did the Celica. He probably followed me because of the detector on my windshield but I don't really know. As soon as I got off the bridge I saw a gold unmarked Ford Fusion taking radar. These guys don't play around. I go along on my way to my destination and pass a school zone. I ran into two cruisers immediatly after. At least one of them was running K/Ka band. I had about 10 seconds to slow down.

    Before I went on my way back home I mounted my Whistler DE 1732. This trip was more uneventful. I only ran into one officer taking radar which was the unmarked gold Ford Fusion. I also got a K/Ka false from a Cobra user that was speeding past my car on the 3 mile bridge. I was also greeted with several laser falses.

    I think that both of these budget Whistlers performed well and it is the reason why I have not opted to buy a Pro 78 or any of the high end models of other brands. All in all, I'm very satisified with both of these detectors and I will do more of these reports with some other detectors when I find a good deal on them.

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    Default Re: Did some testing with older Whistler models.

    I always enjoy hearing/reading others perspectives. Thank you for a well written experience.

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    Default Re: Did some testing with older Whistler models.

    You're quite welcome. I appreciate your post, I have been watching this thread all day and thought that no one cared about the older models lol.



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