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    Well I got my first sws alert yesterday here in Michigan. There is a road near my house they are paving and they were emitting a sws signal. At first I was getting a Ka signal so I dunno if there was a Leo around also, but then I started to get a "caution" on my RD. I started getting the alert half way trough the construction site, so it wasnt very useful lol. But still, it was pertty cool.

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    Cool, good to know!
    Wish they would implement SWS more nationwide, based on all the messages it's capable of showing, it could be really useful.

    I guess the cost of the transmitters, and the fact that LEOs don't want to encourage the use of RDs, keeps SWS out of most areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmman89 View Post

    I guess the cost of the transmitters, and the fact that LEOs don't want to encourage the use of RDs, keeps SWS out of most areas.
    I think it's more the price of the transmitters.... I'd assume after all the FCC and internal bureaucracy these simple K-band transmitters are gonna cost more than $1000 a piece, and what city can justify spending that money to warn RD users to things that are already well-warned by posted signs, strobing lights, sirens, etc?

    FWIW during inclement weather I've found my local PD to drone radar towards approaching traffic. On another forum a cop says that he also does something like this in hopes that RD's can see better around blind corners than humans. That's not a bad idea at all.

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    In North OKC there was recently a construction project that used CMS signs. There were eight of them in a ten mile stretch. They were basically road construction signs that could display (and change as needed) messages. They used K-band transmitters. Here is my problem with them: They were POORLY aimed so all of the speed readings that they got were inaccurate! Some were 45 degrees off! So the messages that were displayed were also inaccurate! IE "Traffic ahead moving at 35 MPH" Indeed that was not the case. Traffic was moving at 60 MPH. But due to the poor aiming, there was a cosine error. These were not SWS transmitters. So, I feel that there was an extreme waste of tax dollars in these signs. The person in charge and the fella aiming these transmitters should both be kicked in the balls!



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