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    Default thinking about getting a xtr-695 but few question

    Hey i am thinkng about getting an xtr-695 as my secondary rd and use it some times and then use my v1 sometimes. But before I buy I had a quick question the leos around where I live use 35.5 heavily I want to know how does the 695 to agianst 35.5 and can i run both the v1 and the 695 togehter withouht getting interference, If i can i would leave laser and ka band on my v1 and turn off x and k band. And I would use k band on my 695. So is there any 695 users out there or maybe mike b might help me out. How do you guys like and and how does it perofrm with 35.5 ka band. Thanks

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    Default Re: thinking about getting a xtr-695 but few question

    If the XTR-695 is like the Pro-78 (which it should be), then 35.5 should be its forte on Ka band. As far as interference between it and a V1, I don't have a clue.

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    Default Re: thinking about getting a xtr-695 but few question

    The XTR-695 and most whistlers emit a strong Ka false when a menu item is engaged or an alert is in progress. If not at point-blank range the V1 filters it out. However, even with selective band disabling I do not think it's a good idea to run two detectors alongside each other. There is no evidence that disabling bands makes detectors coexist any better.

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    Default Re: thinking about getting a xtr-695 but few question

    I don't have an xtr-695, but I do have a Pro78(don't know how similar they are). I ran them both at the same time about 6inches apart and never had the V1 (or vice versa) go off because of the Pro78 leakage. I did however, have the V1 go off whenever I would park in an open-air multi-story parking garage at mid-level. The V1 would give a level 1 K band alert. The alert would stop whenever I turned off my Pro78 and the V1 would alert again every time I turned the Pro back on.
    So, in short, there is some leakage from the Pro78 but it was never detectable in the open road, only in closed in settings. Don't know if my findings help you any.

    Yes! I know your not suppose to run 2 RDs at the same time much less close together!

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    Default Re: thinking about getting a xtr-695 but few question

    I've run both my V1 and my XTR-695 without any interferance that I can see. However, as jdong has mentioned, activating the menu button of the XTR-695 will cause a strong Ka alert from the V1 (or any other RD for that matter).

    For the money, the XTR-695 is a bargain.



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