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    Default Just how quite is the Pro 78's LO???

    Parked beside a Va State police cruiser with C/O ka (the LEO had wandered off into the minmart), I switched on the Pro 78 and it went off like a banshee in a catfight. Watching the Trooper's RDD, with it's beady little green light gleaming brightly it didn't detect the Pro less then 8 feet away. None of it's lights lit off, nor even made a squawk ....
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    Default Re: Just how quite is the Pro 78's LO???

    The Pro-78 I believe, is the stealthiest detector next to the STi series, of course. The best case I've seen is like a few (less than 300) hundred feet when other detectors are being picked up at 3-5x that distance.

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    Default Re: Just how quite is the Pro 78's LO???

    Agreed, about 100m for a Pro78 is my experience.




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