Well I had been saying for a while now that I didn't need a more expensive detector as both my Whistler DE 1732 and my XTR-105 have done the job. I went into my local Wal Mart today to pick up a few things and I came across the XTR-695 for 199.98. The 590 was also there beside it. I couldn't resist picking it up and after today I'm sure that I made the right choice.

I had a 40 mile trip today and I figured that having the XTR-695 on my windshield would be a good idea. On the way to my destination I had my first save. I was going about 55 in a 45 when I got an alert for 34.7 Ka band. I had about a 30 second warning. I'm not sure of the distance but I never got that kind of warning for Ka with either one of my detectors. Both did well on X and K band but Ka detection was only adequate. The XTR however provides more than enough warning for Ka.

That was my only save but I did spot 2 more Leo's on the way. I had another one that was also running 34.7 Ka. I picked him up from about as far away as last time. I had a alert for K band and I must say that the range on the 695 for K band is amazing. I was in pretty dense traffic when my RD alerted for K band. It took me nearly a minute to spot the leo in the opposite lane. I estimate that he was about a mile away when I got the alert, and this is in traffic!

The Leo's were busy today as I ran into 1 more on the way home. I was in front of a lot of traffic when I got an alert for 34.7 Ka band once again. This warning wasn't quite as astounding as the last but I'm sure it was because of the curve that I was on. About 10-15 seconds later I spotted a Leo pulling over a Silverado on the opposite side of the road.

This was my first day with the XTR-695. This is a great radar detector and I'd recommend it to anyone. I'm excited to ride with this thing on my windshield again tommorrow.

If any of you have questions about the detector I will be happy to try and answer if you are considering buying one.