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    Default XTR-695 'CAUTION' message

    I've had this unit for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, I was driving along and the 695 just went ape sh-t and displayed the message 'CAUTION' along with constant beeping for what seemed like 10 seconds. I then noticed an LEO coming from the other direction just as the 695 switched to a Ka warning with an RSID frequency.
    I'm confused as to whether this 'CAUTION' message was related to the Ka warning, or if it was the part of the Safety Warning System, or something else completely.
    I couldn't find anything in the manual regarding that message.


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    Default Re: XTR-695 'CAUTION' message

    The Caution message would have been from a K band source with data to indicate the type of SWS message.

    The K anbd Ka band on the XTR-695 are completely different.

    Chances are that there was both a K band SWS transmitter as well as the Ka band from the LEO in the same area.



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