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    Default Best Settings for Pro-78

    I just ordered my Pro-78 2 days ago and I can't wait for it to get here....upgraded from a Cobra XRS-9700...what was I thinking....
    I have read a lot of different setups for people's RD's and I was hoping Michael B or anyone else for that matter could help me out and let me know what would be the best settings to have it on and also the best place to mount it as well.
    I live in Columbus, OH and drive 20 miles one way to work on I-270 or the Outerbelt as it is known around here. Most of my driving is on the highway so what settings would be the best for this.
    Thanks in advance to all who advise me.

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    Default Re: Best Settings for Pro-78

    You may want to check with Happya$$ as he is also in Ohio.

    My personal settings are

    Auto Dim
    Auto Quiet
    Volume 7
    Voice ON
    Tone 3
    Test Off
    SR Off
    B SVR ON
    Blink OFF

    If you receive K or Ka from what you can determine as other radar detectors, change your filter to Filter 1

    If you are in Filter 1 and you receive K or Ka from what you can determine as other radar detectors, change your filter from Filter 1 to Filter 2.



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