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    Default whistler pro-68 question.........

    hi guys:

    i'm new in this and would like to see your opinions on the whistler pro-68. i found it at $86.99 in a website and would like to see someone's opinion about it. i was considering a xtr-695 , but since i'm a little bit budget know...

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    Default Re: whistler pro-68 question.........

    Since you mentioned the XTR695, from what I understand the XTR690, Pro 78 (rev C) & XTR695 are supposed to have similar performance, the main difference is in the features. I have the 695, and it's a very good detector, but IMO the 690 would be an even better value since it's the lowest priced of the three. I'm just mentioning this because the 690 might give you an alternative about mid-way between the 68 & 695, where you'd be getting performance in the same range as the 695 but at a more affordable price.

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    Default Re: whistler pro-68 question.........

    I have heard the Pro 68 is a good unit.

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    Default Re: whistler pro-68 question.........

    The Pro-68 should be based off an updated pro-58 platform with the FILTER setting added. This will address one of the chief complaints with the Pro-58/Pro-73 platform -- random little blips of K/Ka-band (falses).

    On X/K band it's just as good if not better than the XTR-690/695-/pro-78. It won't match up on Ka band, but I've owned a 1793SE and its Ka band performance is adequate.

    All in all at $86 IMO it's the best bang-for-the-buck unit. If you can afford upgrading to something based off the XTR-690 platform and Ka-band is a threat in your area, I'd strongly advise it. If not, this is still a good detector. Better than anything else $86 will buy you!

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    Default Re: whistler pro-68 question.........

    I purchased a Pro68 for my son as a Christmas present. I made sure I checked it out first, the performance is very good. The filtering is better the the Pro58 and has the look and feel of a Pro78 and XTR695.

    Check out the following posts on the Pro68:

    Pro 68 Ka save

    Whistler New Pro-68

    Comparing the Whister Pro68 to the Pro 78




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