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Thread: 695 vs. 35.5 Ka

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    Default 695 vs. 35.5 Ka

    I've been reading through the forums and watching videos on the XTR-695 versus the Ka 35.5 radar. People say it's hard for Whistler to detect this and you need a V1/Beltronics STi or something more "top of the line". If you've run across this Ka frequency with your 695, please share your experience of where you were drivng, how much notice you had to slow down, etc. Where was the cop, etc.

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    Default Re: 695 vs. 35.5 Ka

    I donno I've had pretty good luck pickin up 35.5, I just picked it up off-axis the other day from a rather respectable range, tho it was constant-on, not instant-on.




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