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    Default Pro 73 during laser test.

    There was a small police exhibition yesterday at my school, showing all those fuctions of the police cars have, i took my Pro 73 radar detector and let them test it.
    As what they told me in San Diego area police start using Laser gun on all those sheriff motorcycle. I don't know what kind of laser gun it is, but at least they tested and it is working on my Pro 73 shown "Laser |||"

    the funny thing is, he told me to get my detector refund because when my detector get a laser alert, they already lock down my speed.

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    The laser gun shown in that picture is the Ultralyte 20-20
    He speaks the truth with laser if they are targeting your car only and with out any other protection you are going to get a ticket.

    Time for some Veil and a jammer for you!!

    How do you like your PRO73?

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    case in point dont be a long ranger when driving down the road speeding. I dont care if you got a jammer or not. Being a lone ranger spells trouble.



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