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    Default Whistler XTR-310

    Anyone out there with any experience with the Whisler XTR-310?

    It appears to pickup radar ok for the price.

    I have one as a backupand when using it recently, and it started kind of shutting down upon detecting radar signals. The visual icons go blank, the audio alerty gets kind of weird as do the voice alerts. After a few minutes, the icon display will come back on but the same thing happens with each alert. I am going to try to send it in for repair.


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    Default Re: Whistler XTR-310

    Sounds like you have engaged auto quiet and dark mode.

    In dark mode, the display will be dim but will go out when the unit alarms.
    Reset on the dark mode is approx 1 minute

    In auto quiet mode, the audio will be normal for the first few seconds and then go to level 1 for the remainder of the alert.
    Reset on the auto quiet happens approx 20 seconds after the alert is gone.

    Read your owners manual and if you are unsure about the features you have selected, do a factory reset to get you back to the original settings as defined in the manual.

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    Default Re: Whistler XTR-310

    Michael B.

    Your solution worked. Thanks. I hadn't even thought of that and it is right in the manual.

    Thanks again.



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