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    Default Whistler DE-1776, please inform me about this unit.

    Basically the topic, bought this detector but I would like any info anyone has about its perfomance or shortcomings.

    The radar roy review said it had short Ka radar band transmission detection range, or something.

    Any info is appreaciated, thanks.

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    Welcome to the board!!
    The 1776 is a new model for 2005. Where did you see the review for this model from Roy at?
    I see where Craig Peterson did a review on this model and they said the KA was not that good.

    I think you are first one on here to have one.
    You will have to tell us what you think after using it for a while.

    I am betting that is the same model as the other 1700 series with the new display and will work with the inteli-cord
    If so I would have to agree with what Craig Peterson said about the KA Band Range.

    I am wondering if you open it up what motherboard it has in it.
    I know the 1773 that I have has a motherboard from one of their other units.
    I can not think of the model at this time.
    I will have to look and see again.

    What are your impressions with it so far?
    How is falsing? I know my PRO58 falses to much on KA.

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    The extra LED's on either side of the display are great attention getters when the "tunes" are way up!

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    Correction: Now we have the Whistler 1793 SE in 2005.



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