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    I am new to radar detectors and just bought a whistler 1773. Does anyone know if it works well or if it was just a waste of money? Also, does anyone know what the range is that it detects radar?


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    Welcome to the forum!
    Your are in luck I am an owner of one.
    Few things I can tell you is if you use the voice alerts keep the volume low because it will blow the speaker.The high volume with the voice alert distorts pretty bad and that is what blows the speaker
    Range on X band is good over a 1/2 mile no problem
    K band is about 1/2 mile
    KA just a little over 1/4 mile.
    As far as laser it seems to be about the same as K band maybe a little farther.
    As far as falsing it does not seem to bad, I think it falses less than my PRO58 but maybe because it does not have the range as the PRO58
    If you got it used and did not pay alot you are ok for a short time while you save for a better unit.
    If this is a new unit and you paid over $100 for it I would return it if you can and buy one of the PRO58 units or even the Bel 795 that Radio Shack is selling.

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    The 1773 is a good detector, and for the price, you're not likely to beat it by much. If you're only going 5-7 mph over the speed limit, you'll be more than safe using the 1773. If you plan to go much faster (~10 over), you may want to consider returning the 1773 and buying the Whistler Pro 73 or the Bel RX55 instead.

    If you're a real speed demon, definitely take the 1773 back and consider investing $300+ in the Escort 8500 or Bel RX65 instead.

    It's not that the Whistler's a bad detector--in fact, you got yourself a very nice value for the amount you paid, and I'd take any Whistler over even a top-of-the-line Cobra. They're solid little pieces of equipment, but if you've got a lead foot, they're not gonna save you.

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    Believe it or not, I've never had a POP false on my 1773.



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