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    Default Whistler XTR 590 Radar Detector

    hello i had a few questions about this radar detector;
    1. I was wondering if i got a good deal on this, got it for $40 NIB?
    2. whats the pro/cond on this, because i was doing some research and i seem not to find no information on this particular model. I find information on the XTR 550 model but not the 580, is that because they no longer carry that model and is hard to find. Also what would you guys recommend me to have it on (City mode; City 1,2,3) when traveling in the city. Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Whistler XTR 590 Radar Detector

    I'd recommend being armed with the best Whistler protection and investing your money into their best: The Pro 78 or XTR 695. I see no point in getting their lesser performing radar detectors. You can get these for around $110-$145.

    And yes, there is a HUGE difference in detection.

    Think of a radar detector like your driver's license. It eventually needs to be renewed, and in that same sense you need to stay updated with a R.D. or you're falling behind, just waiting for a cop to pull you over and write you a ticket.

    P.S. I will continue to buy their newest radar detectors the moment it comes out. This is both to have the best protection and to help support their company to develop better technology.
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    Default Re: Whistler XTR 590 Radar Detector

    x2 Buy a Pro 78 or 695 or wait a few months and see what Whistlers new RD is ??

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    Default Re: Whistler XTR 590 Radar Detector

    I am happy with my 2 XTR-550s protecting me front and back.



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