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    Default XTR 695 vs Pro 78

    Any of you have both a Whistler XTR 695 and a Pro 78?

    Which do you prefer to use and why?

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    Default Re: XTR 695 vs Pro 78

    There has already been threads on this subject. Please try searching next time.
    Edit:Btw the thread that is currently under this one is on the exact same subject. Try reading in there or posting there if you have any further questions.
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    Default Re: XTR 695 vs Pro 78

    I have the Pro78 and the XTR 695.

    1. I like the bright blue display, alerts for are all bands are more than adequate.


    1. I love the all black unit, no reflections in the windshield.
    2. I love the RSID and LSID features, it has already proven to be a valuable resource. I recently compare the frequency readout compared to a Bel Vector 995 in tech display and it was right on frequency as far as accuracy.
    3. The XTR695 also has a compass and voltmeter function. When I first started using the detector, I didn't think much about it. I have started using the voltmeter function more than the compass.
    4. The back light LCD is hard to read in bright daylight, it's easy to see at night. The background color is selectable base on band for instance you can select blue for x band, green for K band, red for Ka band.

    I hope this helps.

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