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    Default how do you account for differences in test results/ranges?

    I have a question. If the 2004 product line (i.e. 1773, 1783, pro73, etc.) all have the same chassis and are supposed to have the same performance in detecting signals, how do you account for differences in test results? Also, does anyone know if the 2005 product line (i.e. 1788) has the same chassis as their predecessors or if they are different/better/improved?

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    Default Easy

    how do you account for differences in test results?
    Temperature, humidity, how long the unit(s) been running (a detector that has been powered on for 60 minutes would perform better then a detector just turned on), voltage, different detectors....

    There are many variables to consider
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    They have the same chassis but different motherboards and chips.
    My 1773 has a 1793 mother board in it but my pro 58 board is not the same as my 1773. Its board is marked PRO58

    I would also think software would have to play a part in it as well.

    I would like to compare my PRO58 to the new models to see if there is any difference.

    Maybe if I bribe someone I know at Whistler maybe he will let me borrow one to test...HINT HINT J/K Mike!! :wink:



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