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    Default Whistler XTR-575 vs Pro-68

    I'm looking to buy GPS in the range of $100 and Whistler XTR-575 / PRO-68 cost the same. pro-68 use LED's and XTR-575 use LCD but which one is better performance wise? Can LCD be visible in sunny days? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Whistler XTR-575 vs Pro-68

    I cannot vouch for the XTR575, but I can tell you that the Pro68 is a good detector. It is slightly less sensitive than the Pro 78 on K and KA band. As far as how much less sensitive about 1 second on K band at 45 mph; about 3 seconds on KA band at the same speed. If the XTR575 has a LCD display the Pro68 will be easier to read. Just my thoughts hope this helps.




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