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    Default Recommend me a Whistler!

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a good low budget RD. Some 5 minute googling brought me to the conclusion that Whistler makes good radar detectors at decent prices.

    My driving is mostly urban areas. Some rural.
    Looking to spend no more than $50.

    Any suggestions??
    Any input would also be appreciated. If you think I should up my budget for a certain model, let me know!

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    add 100 bucks more and go for the newest 78,690 se. they will be the best budget rd's ever.

    look online u will get them for around 160 bucks.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    yeah you need too add aleast $100 to get a decent detector...just dont waste it on Cobra.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    You can bearly get a Cobra for $50. I'd recommend the refurbished Escort 8500. Knocks the socks of off any Whistler you can buy. (sorry whistler fans) The new XTR 695 would be a pretty good choice though. Type in escort 8500 on ebay and the featured item at the top sold by "escortradar" is the one. They come with a full warranty and from an authorized Escort dealer.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    Actually, see if you can find a Whistler Pro78 revision C for cheap. You might be able to since this model is being replaced with the Pro78 SE model. I really love my Pro78 for driving in suburban areas since its performance is quite good, yet it falses considerably less compared to other radar detectors in its price range.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    Well as Fire65 always says, save a little longer and buy a little better. Truly if you can't afford more than 50 you can't afford to speed. 150 is the bare minimum.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    ^^ Hmm...actually, fire65 hits the nail on the head.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    Gotcha Gotcha. My friends got an escort 8500 and i actually was looking at those on ebay last week. i thought you could get a decent detector for cheaper though. sounds good. ill go back to the 8500.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    I would get a 78 Rev C ..which i own and have many videos of my encounters on youtube. I am updating to a 78 SE very soon

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    Default Re: Recommend me a Whistler!

    The lowest priced detector I would consider purchasing is the Whistler Pro68 around a 100 bucks. The performance is slightly less than the Pro78 and XTR695 on K, KA band, slightly more on X band.

    Another user that goes by Sarge has one and has had very good results with it. I my son a Pro 68 as a Christmas gift and it gives him plenty of warning. I ran it for a week to make sure it worked properly and compared it to my Pro 78 and it alerted to K band within a second of Pro78 consistently. The 68 is usually 2 to 3 seconds behind the 78 on Ka band.

    If this is your first detector save some extra money and consider the new XTR690se or PRO78se. The Ka band performance is suppose to be equal top of the line Bel and Escort.




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