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    Question Motorcycle RD

    - Current 695 user in the Cage..

    I received my first 'reward' about a week ago on my 07 600RR. (1st in 25k+ st miles)

    Looking @ Whistler options.. It seems the motorcycle stuff is a bit dated compared to say.. the new SE models.

    Not really looking for a mess of diff stuff placed around the bike either. (very little, if not no room on these bikes)

    I saw a guy (on a gix1k) that looked to have a regular (window mount) RD velcro'd to the side of his bike with an LED in his helmet.

    I think the LED was wired, not wireless.

    So... help me out here..

    Where can you get a wired cord with the LED? - I'm assuming it'd have to plug into the audio jack?

    Can the hard wire kit (for 695 +/-SE) work w/a bike too?

    I'm hesitant to go 'motorcycle specific' - knowing the RD/components are not as new as the latest stuff. (tends to be expensive+ too)

    I'd like to get a 695 on. I don't mind a little 'riggin, velcro would be fine.

    I duno if anyone is familiar with chatterboxes but has any company thought about making a RD that clips to the helmet in a similar fashion? - All in one - That'd sure be nice, and much easier too.

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    Is your bike a 12V bus? If so, the hardwire should work fine. The 695 and 695se have an external audio output jack where you can plug in headphones for the audio alerts. Why not attach it under your windscreen so you can see the detector as well?

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    Smile Re: Motorcycle RD


    I've been using an Escort 8500 on my motorcycles for years. I use a standard hardwire cord either straight to the battery or to the fuse box. I use a RAM ball mount on the bike. I get my RAM ball gear from Cyclegadgets:

    Here's the page with the bases and arms:

    R-A-M Bases & Arms

    And here's the page with the actual base I use that the detector itself mounts to:

    RAM Mount System

    There are lots of other options there so you might want to look around the other Cyclegadgets pages.

    For an alert that gets my attention day or night, yet is simple to install and stays with the detector itself I use a Marc Parnes "Visual Alert". You can see those at:

    Radar Detector Visual Alert for Motorcycles

    It works great.

    Even though the Escort 8500 is not supposed to be waterproof I have used the same one on my various bikes for over 5 years, rain or shine, and it continues to work like a champ. Has saved me countless times. With the RAM ball bases mounted on each of my bikes I can simply and quickly swap the detector from bike to bike to bike in just a minute or two. Right now I have four of my bikes rigged to use the Escort 8500.

    And it doesn't hurt that Escort is currently selling refurbished 8500's on e-Bay for $149.00. Makes it a heck of a start on a good detector set-up for your bike...

    You might also want to take a look at the new "Adaptiv" radar detector made specifically for bikes. I've never used one but I have a couple of friends that have them and say they work terrific. They have also tested well and gotten good reviews everywhere I've seen them evaluated. Their web site is at:

    Adaptiv Technologies ? TPX Motorcycle Radar and Laser Detection System

    You can also find some interesting, motorcycle-specific radar detector accessories and gear here:

    Hope this helps!

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