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    Default 695 vs Guld Shores, AL PD

    I was heading out to Folley with a friend and we had to pass through the Gulf Shores area. The PD there is known to be more zealous than the PD in my city so I expected someone encounters, possibly with I/O. Years ago the civilians demanded that the PD crack down on speeders that come through their area. I looks like their PD is doing their best to heed that request.

    First encounter was with 33.8Ghz Ka band. I got a blip of it for a few seconds. I thought "That's strange, I rarely see this frequency." I slow down just a little to about 5 over. I proceeded cautiously. I saw a more populated area ahead and I figured that if he was sitting anywhere, it would be in the souvenier shop parking lot up ahead. I slowed down to the speed limit. Sure enough, there he is. I started wondering if he was the one shooting instant on. As I passed him he hit me with I/O 33.8 Ka band, the 695 alerted. My friend and I started laughing.

    Second encounter was kind of strange. I was driving at about 55 mph when I noticed the cop speeding to me in my rear view mirror. I let off the accelerator and slowed down to 45 mph. Shortly after, he hit me with 33.8 Ghz again. I think this may of been the same car. He pulled over quickly and a few minutes later I see another cop over in the distance. Right when I came up over the small hill he hit me with I/O. I was going about 48 mph. I kept going.

    Last encounter was a simple encounter with 33.8 Ghz C/O Ka band. The Whistler provided a nice amount of warning too. Not sure about the distance but it took about 15-20 seconds to see him.

    I was really surprised to see this frequency being used so much. I mostly see K band and 34.7 Ka in Pensacola. I have had two leos use 35.5 Ka I/O in my city since I got this RD in October. That about sums up what happened.

    I'll add an additional story too. My friend always told me that his own two eyes were as good as any RD. After seeing my Whistler in action.(Before we went to Gulf Shores.) He started being more open minded towards RD. He asked to take my Whistler XTR 105 for a spin. I explained to him that if he wasn't careful he could get nailed for speeding since the 105 adds only just enough warning for people going 10 or less under the speed limit. I explained to him that it doesn't give a lot of warning for Ka band. So far he likes it. He asked me how I used it for a few months and never got a ticket. I explained to him that knowing how to use a RD can be just as valuable as additional sensitivity. He is thinking about purchasing a Whistler now. He was going to get a cheap one but after the Gulf Shores trip he is now considering the 695.

    That's it. I hope you enjoyed reading my very long post.

    1. Had numerous encounters with 33.8ghz i/o. The same cop that hit me may of tried to hit me again and radio to warn cops ahead that I was coming.
    2. Had one 33.8Ghz c/o encounter. The 695 provided plenty of warning.
    3. I have a friend thinking about getting a rd is borrowing my xtr 105.
    4. After the Gulf Shores encounters my friend is considering the 695.

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    Default Re: 695 vs Guld Shores, AL PD

    nice review, i wish i had the spec display on my 690... i still don't know what ka's they use at my location.



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