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    Default Whistler DE1765C Radar Detector


    If anybody knows anything about Whistler DE1765C Radar Detector, if it is any good or not then please advice.
    Anybody used these radars with success.
    I'm planning to buy one but don't want to spend a fortune.
    Please advice which model is good if this whistler is a crap.

    All replies will be appreciated

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    Whistler tends to make pretty good stuff, better than Cobra by most accounts. You get pretty much what you pay for as far as detection is concerned. If you are what I call a "middle-lane speeder" who probably wouldn't get pulled anyway but wants peace of mind, a Whistler would probably do it for you. Not everybody truly needs the high-end stuff, though they may be a bit more fun to have along.

    Side note: ANY detector can be defeated by a smart LEO with a modern radar unit. Nothing that you can buy will be a license to to speed and we all have to drive accordingly in order not to get fined.

    Just giving you the basics. Welcome to the forum!

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    Do not waste your money on that unit.
    That unit is at least 3 years old now.
    It does not have POP.
    Save your money toward one of the pro series or the new 1776 or 1778 models

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    Thanks for your advice, I bought 1783, I hope that one is good and better.
    1783 does have POP detection capability.

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    The 1793SE,1783 and 1773 all share the same motherboard.
    The only difference is what is enabled or what chip is added to the board for the different options such as the compass or what ever.
    I have the 1773 as a test detector and it not to bad.



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