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    Today at 4 intersections i may have (finally) found (the cause of) what i (originally) thought was X+K/sweep 'falsing'.

    They appear to be small+, rectangular (enclosed in a box w/a window) cameras. They are 'unmarked' & pretty easy to miss (if you aren't specifically looking)

    The amount of times i've went under them & not noticed (while the RD is blowing up none the less) is nearly embarrassing - Part of the reason (my excuse) is they are detected (at) a bit+ of a distance away, as a result of being @ the top of a hill. (ie, coming up the hill) - They also seem to give off a hefty+ signal.

    They sit on the signal poles facing down/toward you. Not far from the traffic signals themselves.

    Around Here: What makes these unique is they not similar in size & shape to the most commonly used (much easier to spot) light controlling cameras. - They are also not near the size/position/etc of (the) red/light photo cameras.

    Around Here: The most commonly used light controlling cameras are somewhat long, white, have a round-shaped top/case, sit higher off the pole (actually on their own pole) & do not cause RD's to blow off.

    Any insight on these?

    At one particular intersection i'm 99%+ sure the camera was not there a little over a month ago. (the RD was not blowing up @ that intersection back then)

    Anyways, i believe these to be (a) cause of the X+K/sweep 'confusion' (here, anyways)

    Are these simply (older? yet still used?) signal controlling cameras? What's with the X+K Sweep situation + these? Is this a 'false' or .. ? Judging Speed.. ?

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    we have those at like every intersection since 2007. They just sprung up! It's not speed detector to my knowledge, and they never set my radar off. It's a red light camera here.

    not sure about your city.

    Thininking of getting that Cheetah C100 GPS red light unit though.

    or I could just use the garmin I suppose, I tend to leave it at home around town, I know the city like the back of my hand.

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    What color are they? I have some that are gray in color and some of them emit X some use K.

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    Yes they have some here in Tampa, Fl. Over in the Citrus park area that set my radar off all the time.

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    We've had them here at almost every lighted intersection for longer than I've been using RDs. All I've seen is X-band, so they get filtered out well.



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