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    Default question about Revision updates

    For example the Rev C update for XTR 78/690/695 etc. Regarding this does Whistler offer free updates for units if you ship the unit to them?

    I have a XTR695 and perhaps if more updates for the firmware become available in the future.

    I read Escort/Bel Charges quite a bit for upgrades

    just curious

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    Default Re: question about Revision updates

    Rev B to Rev C was sort of a rarity for whistler. Normally they stick with one firmware on a unit. I doubt you will see a Rev C+ to Rev D+ sort of thing. I could be wrong. But normally whistler doesn't do a allot of rev updates. Unlike allot of units. I think if whistler was planning on allot of updates with the new units they would have had it come with a usb port access so the user could update the firmware themselves. Before the internet whistler would just release the unit you would register the detector and maybe next to nothing would show in the mail about anything new regarding your detector. All my old whistlers still work. That cannot be said about my Escort and Bell's I own.



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