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Thread: Laser Alerts

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    Default Laser Alerts

    To all,

    Over the last couple of weeks, I have had alot of laser alerts on my XTR695.

    1. 62 pps
    2. 55 pps
    3. Could not see the read out due the sun.
    4. Could not see the read out due the sun.
    5. Saw a motorcycle cop today using laser the 695 was in my truck instead of the jeep.

    Does anyone know if the first 2 listed alerts are valid, if so, which laser device uses those rates.

    Thanks for any information provided


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    Default Re: Laser Alerts

    As for ploice laser, they are in the area of the Laser Atlanta in stealth mode.

    The other possibility is that it was alerting to an inverter (DC to AC) converter as these produce 60 Hz and can set off a unit in close proximity.

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    As a datapoint, I got a 1018 pps laser alert on my 690se from the wind shear detector at LAX. Hit the quiet button and stored it.



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