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    Default Found some awesome temporary suction cups for Whistler

    I havn't used suction cups in a year or so. My girl has my RD now for the rest of the week out of town. I have been using 3m super lock fasteners. She wanted it on the windshield so after looking around in Walmart for ever i found some in the hardware isle from bulldog hardware products. These suction cups fit and lock in to the bracket very well and they hold up really nice on the windshield. So if your in need of suction cups last minute these will hold for 1.99-2.38 I havn't purchased new cups yet from Whistler but i can say Whistler has the best cups in the industry.

    Bulldog suction cups (small) 1.99-2.38 (Red packaging on hardware isle by the hooks and stuff at Walmart) Remove small hooks and your good to go
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    Default Re: Found some awesome temporary suction cups for Whistler

    Thanks for the information Jared. I need two suction cups for my Whistler 1732 DE.



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